About Us

Who we are

We are Aspa and Dinos, two young people who aspire at doing our best in order to enhance our island in every possible way. We strongly believe that giving up on our birthplace is not the only solution to gaining prosperity. Maybe what we close to do is not the easiest way but we both believe this place is worth it.

We have decided to show to locals and people coming from other countries the “crude” beauty of Lesvos, the wealth of traditional tastes and enhance the historicity of the region. We have been discussing our venture for quite some time now with many local professionals who welcome our initiative. We believe that acting collectively we can make this island blossom, just as it’s worth to.

Our Aim

With us you can meet the real Lesvos, visit unique and unexplored areas away from mass tourism and get to know the local traditional way of life. Our goal is for the visitor to see the amazing olive groves of Lesvos, alongside with magnificent waterlands, scenic villages, traditional olive presses, watermills, old bridges, archaeological sites, hot springs and volcanic natura places. Also we working on a well organized ecotourism activities which make you live every moment like a local. We can also work together to organize any kind of alternative tourism.

Our company SEAFARI ADVENTURES having the latest equipment and brand-new, state-of-the-art 4×4 vehicles, at our disposal guarantees your comfort and safety. If you join us, you will get to know the true colours of Lesvos, visit unique and unexplored places, far away from mass tourism and taste the local, traditional lifestyle. Our seasoned drivers, who respect the history and the environment of the island, along with the impeccable and multilateral service, will ensure your ideal holiday on the island and in Greece.


You can choose your destination and we are here to fulfill your wishes and your requirements.


Do you need extra services? Don’t hesitate to ask us.


We know the best spots in order to save the moment with your family and friends.


Your safety is our top priority.

Meet our Team!

CO - Tour Operator

Aspa Michaleli

Graphic Designer

Maria Tziviloglou

CO - Driver

Dinos Kalialis

Web Designer - Developer

John Afaloniatis

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